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The Golden Duck

Black Leaf Boxed Bong Perco RONIN + GEISHA

Black Leaf Boxed Bong Perco RONIN + GEISHA

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MaterialBorosilicate Glass
PrintBL Logo
MotiveRonin and Geisha, iridescent
GrindSG 19bistable/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
Wall Thickness7mm
Percolator / Diffuser10-Arm Tree Percolator
AccessoriesRonin and Geisha Grinder & Mixing Tray
InfoSlit Diffuser Chillum L 135mm

This great RONIN & GEISHA percolator bong from Black Leaf® will certainly not remain ownerless for long! This is ensured by the great RONIN & GEISHA design in the metallic look of our designer Sly, the great workmanship, the awesome hit and the extensive range of matching accessories. And for more, this jewel of the rising sun is housed in a sturdy, padded cardboard case which also looks super stylish thanks to the metallic print.

✔️ Plug-in system with coloured slit diffuser chillum & bowl for herbs

✔️ 10 arms tree percolator

✔️ Very robust 7mm wall thickness & bi-stable ground joint

✔️ Long ice chamber

✔️ Kickhole at the front

✔️ Pleasantly rounded mouthpiece

✔️ Printed bong base in Japanese style

✔️ Many matching accessories: 4-part grinder, rolling tray, plug set, poster, cardboard case with metallic print

✔️ Absolutely WOW! design by Sly

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