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CCELL M3 Pearl Green Vape Pen Battery Standard 510 Thread

CCELL M3 Pearl Green Vape Pen Battery Standard 510 Thread

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CCELL M3 Pearl Green Vape Pen Battery. This sleek and reliable device is perfect for discreet and on-the-go vaping, with a no-button design that activates the battery simply by inhaling.

With a capacity of 350mAh, this battery provides a generous amount of vapor for a satisfying experience. The built-in LED indicator displays the battery life, so you always know when it’s time to recharge. The standard 510 thread makes this battery compatible with a variety of cartridges, adding to its versatility.

Made with a durable stainless steel housing, the M3 battery is designed for long-lasting performance. The pen-shaped design enhances its discreetness and portability, making it easy to carry and use anywhere. Plus, the 510 thread to USB charging capability ensures convenient and easy recharging.

CCELL batteries are renowned for their high performance and compact design, and the M3 is no exception. Engineers have carefully balanced performance and design to create a device that meets the needs of all users. 

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