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The Golden Duck

Metal Grinder Best Buds Gorilla Glue 4 Parts – 50mm

Metal Grinder Best Buds Gorilla Glue 4 Parts – 50mm

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Product Features

A healthier option than wooden and ceramic grinders

Powerful metal teeth for easy and smooth grinding

Ensures no breakage or cracks when grinding herbs

A durable, non-corrosive body ensures there are no flakes or metal pieces falling into ground herbs

Storage compartment ensures mess-free grinding 

Sieve compartment filters trichomes from finely ground powder. 

There is no better design for this strong and durable metal grinder. This four-piece grinder by the Best Buds brand is just as tough as the gorilla design on its top cover. The metal body is well designed and made to be non-corrosive and stable 

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